Sustaining a grass roots film festival

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by Javeeth Ahmed on Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Building your own film festival. Film festivals needn't have to be only at Cannes or Sundance. They can be right on your backyard! How is this possible and what are the bottlenecks you might face to make it sustain.


There are two jobs everybody has. One is the real job they do and the other is being a critic. Film Festivals bring movie buffs together who also sit and debate the various aspects of a movie and trust me they can be quite an interesting lot. So, here we will discuss based on a live on-going experiment about getting the set together, the production difficulty, running it to a demanding audience (you wouldn't believe!) and more importantly is it easy to sustain a small film festival?


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Active member of the Chennai Roof Top Film Festival - helping in building the film festival with a group of like minded people. Columnist for a few publications. Devoted movie buff.


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    [-] C.Prasanna Venkatesh 7 years ago

    i think this should be spoken as u see the responses you get to RTFF in chennai or even in any film festival that is open, movies play an important part in structuring society :) so it should have a grass root level discussion

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