Creating Value: A Disciplined Approach Vs Creative

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by Vijay Anand (proposing) on Friday, March 1, 2013


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What is the right way to build the culture of your enterprise? 1. Steady - show up to work everyday approach? 2. Creative, and flexible timings and long working hours approach?

What works? What doesnt?


There are two schools of thought: The Business Class would say that Entrepreneurship is a tedious repetition of the same - over and over. 90% of things we do in business are things we dont necessarily like to do, but have to. The 10% makes up for it all. It also says that building value, means consistent effort each time - most days, simply showing up.

The other, new age class follows the approach of the creative class - goals, not deadlines. Commitment, not proximity constraints. Flexible timings, long working hours - seems to be the trend of the startup world.

Is there a right or wrong way about this?


  1. Experience running a startup for atleast a year or so.
  2. Managed a team of atleast three people.
  3. Research on what are the two different thoughts and why some work, some dont. Have talking points.

Speaker bio

Vijay Anand, is the Founder of The Startup Centre (


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