The GOOD of the monopoly. Why NOT thinking about competition is important.

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by Jatin Modi on Friday, March 1, 2013


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Technical level


Capitalism loves competition. It glorifies it to the extent, that our narrative to ourselves, gives it grandeur.

In this talk I will argue why thinking like a monopoly is important to push the human race forward. How competition has to be disregarded or made irrelevant and how our narrative to ourselves about it has to alter to achieve enduring change.


-How to create markets.

-How to own markets.

-How to push your ideas towards greatness through changing the often repeated narrative of competition, and of it being ideal for the progress of society.

-How to bring enduring change through your ideas through a simple reprogramming of our mind towards competition and monopolies.


A questioning mind, that's it!

Speaker bio

4X Entrepreneur. Twice failed. Started at 19.

Founded, India's leading health E-store. Sold it to Headed Marketing and Strategy at

Teaches Entrepreneurship at B-schools across the nation.

Now back to Entrepreneurism.

Oh yeah, aged 26.


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    [-] Vijay Anand 7 years ago


    We are confirming this session, but can you do this as a lightning talk instead? Each speaker will have six minutes to do the talk. Keep 5-6 slides, and one minute each? Let us know.


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    [-] Jatin Modi 7 years ago

    Vijay, I tried to work it out but It might not do justice to the thought. It needs a build up since its a contrarian belief. Hope it works.

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