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by aparna nagesh on Saturday, March 2, 2013

Performing Arts and Music

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Technical level


The workshops that I propose will have a unique combination of movement activities and an interactive Q & A session for participants to be able to discover the benefits of dance & movement skills in all aspects of life. The workshops will also serve as an icebreaker and facilitate open dialogue and conversation amongst the participants about life skills, presentation skills and leadership skills. The participants will discover, through team based and individual activities the importance of body language and movement in everyday life.


The Move Project is a series of creative movement based workshops to facilitate life skills, professional skills, self expression and crisis management. The LEAD Project is a unique leadership training programme using the methodology of dance and movement based activities along with public speaking and communication skills for young people in positions of leadership and/or entrepreneurship.


Participants must wear comfortable, loose clothes, carry a water bottle and a towel. They can carry a notepad and pen for taking notes if they wish to do so.

Speaker bio

Aparna Nagesh is a versatile dance professional with over 14 years of training, teaching and performance experience. She has trained extensively in dance styles such as Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Modern, Contemporary and a few Latin styles. A certified Reebok fitness instructor, she has also completed an intensive dance & vocal technique course at Broadway Dance Center, New York with a certificate of excellence. She also choreographed and acted in Dirty Dancing – The Musical produced by StageFright Productions. Currently she runs her own all girl dance ensemble, High Kicks as well as Showstoppers INC which is an Arts Promotion and Entertainment solutions brand. Showstoppers INC identifies and promotes young, upcoming talents in the performing arts, as well as organizing dance and performing arts festivals and working with young artistes towards productions. She is also one of the co-founders of Chennai’s first Glee Club in association with noted theatre person, Freddy Koikaran. She is currently working towards setting up Chennai’s first lifestyle studio and performing arts center & school, as well as being involved in a number of international projects of repute. She is also working towards a big dance production with High Kicks. She currently is consulting for the British Council for their upcoming Dance Season, teaches movement therapy at the Lotus Foundation School for Autistic Children, Dance Basics for underprivileged children of the Disha Foundation (Maa Foi) and she is also expanding her horizons by delving into the world of music video choreography and theatre productions. She is also the recipient of 2 awards in 2012; TEDx Chennai Star award in the field of dance Rose of Ridvan award for 2012 given by the Ba’Hai community for her contribution to the social sector through performance arts. NOTE: I have been teaching and mentoring children, teens and young adults for over 10 years and the workshops I have formulated are the result of a number of years of research on the importance of dance & movement both as a life skill and as a performance art. I am passionate about sharing this knowledge with as many young creative people as possible in order to kickstart a brand new movement amongst young people.


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    [-] Rashmi Dhanwani 6 years ago

    This sounds interesting Aparna. Are you looking for some more specific participant criteria?

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    [-] aparna nagesh 6 years ago

    Hey Rashmi, the workshops are open to all enthusiasts. They are multi level and interactive, aimed at helping people examine how movement affects and effects everyday life.

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