Interactive Performances: How to engage an audience

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by Anuraag Dhoundeyal on Saturday, March 2, 2013

Performing Arts and Music

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This workshop is meant for those who want to make their “performances” more purposeful. Get into the skin of whosoever the audience may be. Communicate through every word, every move and every glance. Be it a musician, a housewife, an actor, a corporate, a dancer, a teacher... come explore how we could interact with our audiences.


Be it on or off the stage, all of us perform. Our audiences may differ... a throng of music fans, a bunch of screaming kids in class, a frantic boss, bed-ridden patients, popcorn-eating movie buffs, the maid who forgets to switch the fan back on, and often a bunch of strangers on the street...

How do you perform to an audience? How do you draw them in? How do you change your style to make the maximum impact on those specific, targetted pairs of eyes...


A logical brain with two halves, an open mind, and willingness interact & to expand one's horizons... it might also help to not hate listening to music :P

Speaker bio

A musician’s introduction is best through his songs rather than words. The links attached are literally “the proof of the pudding”. However, for the fans and the cynics who would like to check what makes Anuraag worthy of conducting this workshop, here goes…

A perceptive musician and a versatile singer, Anuraag has been performing different genres of music since over a decade. Having won his first National competition at the age of 6, he started training in Hindustani Vocals at the tender age of 11, and since then, has won countless awards and trophies.

In 2006, Anuraag Performed for the World Alliance for Youth Empowerment (WAYE) for a congregation of NGOs like UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO and UNAIDS.

In January ’09 Anuraag, with eleven other musicians from India and the UK, broke all boundaries of colour and language with a performance of ten original cross-genre compositions at Ravindra Natya Mandir (Dadar) in a British Council initiative - “Different Strokes”. Two out of the 10 compositions were by Anuraag. In September ’09, the prestigious English University “Guildhall School of Music and Drama” invited Anuraag to conduct a series of workshops on Indian Music, with the Post-Graduate students of the university. He also collaborated with Guildhall Folk Ensemble (an Irish Folk Band), The Afric Bawantu (a group of musicians from Ghana), & also performed at a fund raising event on the banks of River Thames.

Anuraag has collaborated and fused his music with bands like Something Relevant, Avyakt, Filter Coffee, etc. and has made appearances in several TV shows like Aao Jhoomein Gaaein, Star Yaar Kalakaar, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Entertainment Ke Liye Kuchh Bhi Karega, etc.

In 2010 - 11, Anuraag designed the music, and single handedly performed the musical score for the critically acclaimed South African play called “The Coolie Odyssey”. Over the two years, the play went across South Africa in Durban, Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg; and did an equally successful tour in India.

The years 2011 and 2012 saw Anuraag perform consecutively at the all-prestigious, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. In 2012, Anuraag also worked with Salaam Bombay Foundation, an NGO, where he trained a group of 50 students with no formal training in music, over 3 months to perform for the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2012. He followed this rather humungous feat with a workshop on folk music with Rajasthani musicians for children.

With a mission to help people realize the beauty of Music, and be a part of this beatific experience, he tours across the globe with his company The Looking Glass integrating arts and education along with the company's co-founder, Ms. Priyanka Patel. Anuraag conducts interactive worksops on topics like “Evolution of Indian Music”, “Appreciating Indian Classical Music”, “Indian Commercial Music through the decades”, “Classical influences in Bollywood”, “Sounds of the Sufis”, “Universality of Music”, etc., thus helping the youth of today appreciate one of the most evolved cultures in the world, and its rich heritage. A highly spiritual bent of mind enables Anuraag to use meditations and ancient Indian techniques in his workshops and concerts to help the participants transcend beyond.

Anuraag is also currently working on his project “Indicus” capturing the essence of the greatest mystics and Sufis of the millennia, and presenting it in a fresh outlook with a global perspective through authentic, original compositions. Anuraag’s compositions and Indian Vocals take a breath of fresh air and resurrect themselves to in a completely different life and form; a form that is much bigger, better, and more robust than the sound has ever been. With influences ranging from Hindustani Classical to Electronica, from Indian Folk to Jazz, from Carnatic Classical to Dubstep, provides the most honest and organic, contemporary perspective towards ancient Indian poetry.


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    [-] Rashmi Dhanwani 7 years ago

    So, are you looking at performers across all arts: music, dance, theatre?

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    [-] Anuraag Dhoundeyal 7 years ago

    @Rashmi: Performers across all fields... be it the music, dance, theatre, orators, corporates (for presentations), teachers, educators, team-leaders, and anyone who really wants to better his/her communication. Since I essentially am a musician, the workshop will be facilitated through music being a tool. Music will enable the hands-on experiential learning, since music influences every single individual at some level or the other. Looking forward. @Everyone: Thank you so much for showing such keen interest! :D

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