Tangential thought flow, Abstraction and Creativity

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by Sohail Asim on Saturday, March 2, 2013


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Technical level


To understand the importance of Tangential thought flow, Abstraction and its relevance to creativity in the context of our society. And To lay down certain basic guidelines for people to assess if they have enough stimulus to develop original ideas. If not, to help them self assess how they can fill those gaps.


Cafe culture - is nothing but stimulating conversations, most of which are tangential in nature. This abstract quality is exactly what triggered many a great works of art. In our present system/society dangling with multiple ideas/activities or at times no activities is considered unproductive or worse a distraction. Hence, ideas are recycled and imagination is almost non-existent in our popular works of art. It starts from home, continues in school, carries on to workplace. Even in a 'creative field' like cinema/music the apathy towards the act of sitting in your backyard and digging a hole is appalling. Traveling is still leisure, and not learning or a way to experience new things. Ideas die when there aren’t enough stimuli for them to develop. The best ideas are a work of flow. To do what you want to do, when you want to do. To get rid of resentment of not being able to do that, completely. To focus on the ideas that entice you, seduce you and makes you understand emotions in their purest forms. So a primary interest, a secondary interest, a tertiary interest can co-exist and help each other rather than suppress/clash with each other. It's healthy and in my opinion more desirable and often a necessity, and probably the most underrated aspect of ideating.

Speaker bio

I have worked as a copywriter and an Assistant Director in Mumbai, Apple picker in New Zealand, Sailor in Vietnam, Website manager for a hotel in Cambodia, Marathon organizer in Nepal, and I am currently finishing a script while figuring out an alternate model for funding and showcasing work that is truly interesting and exciting and not just a lip service to the Ayn Rand school of rebelliousness.

Ideas and Puzzles excite me. I'm a sucker for symmetry. An Architect by education. Huck Finn was my first inspiration. I grew up with Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. Admire Michel Gondry and Terrence Malick - a lot - Gondry for me is the most imaginative filmmaker of this generation and Malick, an idealistic visionary. Common thing between them - Ideas. Non recycled, fresh perspective.

I believe, I've interesting ideas to share along with relevant stories. My uncorrupted, out-of-the-system perspective, can be refreshing to others while in audience, I'll have a mirror to reflect on.