Finding The Tough Problems

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by bhaskar v on Sunday, March 3, 2013


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Technical level


Making yet another car is easy. Making a car for the masses ( nano?) was seemingly impossible. You can extend this. Yet another phone Vs a phone with no buttons. Personal music device Vs a device that can hold 100,000 songs in your pocket. get it.

How do I go about spotting this kind of seemingly impossible problems to solve? How to make a great impact...and possibly some honest living too. This session is about the art and science of finding seemingly impossible problems to solve.


Popular jingoism about entrepreneurship is often about 'passion , feeling, go--by-your-heart' etc. This is good; but may not be sufficient. This session will give a framework on how to measure the opportunities that we find, to estimate how much dent it can make in our world. We will talk about : How to get a handle over uncertainty, novelty and flick the WoW meter .


Projector . screen. flip chart.

Speaker bio

Name : Bhaskar. For friends ( basu / bosky).

Zany things done:
Been Captain of submarine. Done some 'strategic stuff' geek work .

Been part of a great team Cognizant - rated among the 'top 10' by Harvard and McKinsey as 'innovating innovation management'.