Role of Design in Education

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by jasmeet sethi on Sunday, March 3, 2013

Visual Arts + Design

Session type

Technical level


Sensitizing the people about the state of the Education and its quality in India and Globally and explaining how Design is and can be used as a very effective tool to aid the whole system.


The session would contain brief introduction to how Designers are working globally with their focus on children and Education. The session would cover my Bachelors Thesis project briefly which is named "Tinkerable" and will answer basic queries like what is intelligence and creativity and how can the same be nurtured. Also the session would aim to raise some questions in the attendees minds so as to the direction the education industry is headed in and as a society what can we do about it.

Speaker bio

I am 24 years old enthusiast. I have done my Bachelors in Design from IIT Guwahati with my final year project focussed on Children and creativity and experiential learning. Project was named Tinkerable and has been active even after completion of my degree course. Tinkerable was taken up as a Summer Camp in Pune last year also. I have 18 months of industry experience and currently am working at Moonraft Innovation Labs, Bangalore as Experience Designer.