Citizen as a "Customer" of the state versus Citizen as a "shareholder" of the state

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by Anannya Deb on Monday, March 4, 2013


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Technical level


To look at the host of "outrages" where citizens bursts their lungs demanding things from the state and ask some questions about the duties and responsibilities of citizens. Citizens have rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution but they are also asked to perform certain duties which, very conveniently, is not enforceable.

There is a road to be built and the government is offering compensation for acquiring land. So one has a house, it is right to property, the government cannot touch. Somebody else has a slum which he is not selling, he is obstructing development.

How does one explain such hypocrisy?


I will play the role of a moderator. I will raise questions to the group and I would like the group to discuss.

This is not an "expert" lecture session. This is a reflective session and in most cases, these questions are introspective of nature. Most of the things we accuse Indians of, we are ourselves the worst offenders - littering, honking, breaking traffic lights, indecision, mediocrity, ...


A simple projector to see the questions. Microphones in the house for people to discuss from wherever they are sitting

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Based in Mumbai, I work in a management research lab working in the areas of human sciences and design of human development systems.

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