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by Shreyas Satish on Monday, March 4, 2013


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Technical level


To leave you with more questions than answers, in a good way of course!

More seriously, Technagara is a research project and a very important aspect of pursuing a project of this magnitude and complexity is asking the right questions. I'd like to share with you the questions we have been concerned with, technology we have built towards finding answers and hopefully, leave you inspired with the idea of how much we can do as 'ordinary' citizens!


The Technagara project is about asking questions with a domain focused lens and importantly, building capacity to understand these questions better and possibly, find out answers.


Our first instinct when it comes to governance is to expect solutions to our problems and feel helpless when problems remain unresolved. How can we participate in solving issues that we and our fellow citizens have? Considering our distaste towards government websites, can we alleviate that pain point by better documenting vital data?

Traffic & Transport

The easiest thing to forget about traffic is, we are part of the problem. How can we take a data-driven approach to alleviating traffic problems? How can we assist the police in doing so? As an offshoot of research in this domain, I'd like to show you how we're helping ambulances clear traffic signals, quicker.

History & Heritage

If there's one thing most of us seem to be consensually 'proud' of, it is our history. If it's something that prominent, why aren't we taking a closer look at our history and learning from it? Can we better document our heritage and look back at our glory days with better data?

City Simulation

Assuming we have the data, can we construct models and simulate events in an urban setting? For instance, how does the traffic at a junction respond to an increase in the population in that area? Note: This particular piece of research is bleeding edge and I hope to show you a demo by the time of the conference :)

Speaker bio

I work at Mapunity and I have been the lead developer on the Technagara project since it's inception (January, 2011). I work directly with Dr Ashwin Mahesh, who is the CEO of Mapunity and an urban affairs expert.