DIY Sound Objects

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by Denny George on Monday, March 4, 2013

Performing Arts and Music

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Technical level


To Discover a place where Electronics, Programming, Music, D.I.Y sensibilities and design possibly meet.


Once you realize sound is just a series of changing values (voltage, displacement of speaker diaphragm etc) arranged in time it is inevitable to have the urge to hear what sounds you can make given your resources. Though there could be many ways to share what I wish to share with you all, namely circuit bending, sound synthesis using software etc, I feel the tangible nature of sound objects you make puts you in an intimate relationship with your 'instruments'. I will explain the basic nature of sound and ways to synthesize it electronically followed by a demo of a microcontroller called Arduino to create a synth.

The geeky and musical world of sound objects might seem like a rabbit hole with no visible end and with the initial investment required, it might seem like an intimidating task to venture into. But with this session, I could probably help you take those first few steps.


Ideally - Laptop, Arduino, small speaker and a few electronic components. Minimum - an Ear and a curios mind

Speaker bio

I am an engineer by training, currently working in an interaction design lab. I spend a lot of time reading and writing. Been trying out music production using different means since some time now. I have spent a lot of time synthesizing music on computers and recently got into making my own sound producing objects.

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