Collaborative Process-led Guerilla Filmmaking

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by Arun Bose on Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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The objective is to provide an overview of the stages of impromptu collaborative process-led guerilla filmmaking that is made on instincts of one individual mingling with many or an ensemble working with many. The idea is to understand cinema more in the sense of an art where the final film is not made, but evolved by itself. The other objective is to find whether or not such cinema crafted in a collaborative manner can be suggested as a development communication tool to read and understand the real essence/ needs of social groups. It also attempts to read cinema as cinema out of freedom.


The session will have the screening of 2 impromptu short films followed by a slide presentation about their making. The films are '3 Years' shot with a street cello musician from Northumberland street, UK and 'My Paper Boat' on cimate change. '3 Years' was screened at Literary and Philosophical Society Newcastle and 'My Paper Boat' was the winner of best short film on climate change at UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. Both the films had a no script approach. There will a presentation on the stages of the making of each of these films.


Love for cinema and openness to all forms/ genres of cinema.

Speaker bio

I love cinema as an art with a soul to reach people with an experience. I started short filmmaking as a practice to learn cinema by myself after getting rejected at Film and Television Institute of India many times. While doing some odd jobs cinema stayed as a weekend passion but as I got deeper into it, things changed. With a documentary filmmaking company I lived and travelled with many tribal, rural and marginalised social groups in India. The short films started gaining some attention with a few of them getting recognitions at various venues. Film titled 'My Paper Boat' won best short film on climate change at UN Copenhagen Conference. I travelled to UK to do an M.A in Film Studies. Also worked with an art organisation called Skimstone Arts and helped a young adult group and an elderly group to create collaborative films. I was been a guest speaker at Department of Digital Innovation at Teeside University, UK. Back in India I now runs a collaborative film company called Cockroach in Cocktail to fulfil all sort of video/ film making and also give film education and workshops in colleges and schools. I am also a guest faculty on film journalism and documentary filmmaking at B. A Journalism Department, Madras Christian College and a co-crafter at Craffitti Innovation Consultancy, Bangalore.