Ecocinema? Are we ready for it, yet?

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by Rayson Alex on Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Film & Video

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The objectives of the workshop are: 1. To sensitize the participants towards Ecocinema 2. To initiate a truly ecological style in cinema 3. To differentiate between environmental and ecological cinema 4. To propose a "new" style in Ecodocumentary, Tinai documentary (T-Documentary) 5. To discuss the nitty-gritty of preproduction, production and postproduction of t-documentaries (tinai documentary)


The workshop will contextualize the genre of documentary with respect to the discipline, ecology. The thread of thought presented will be as follows: 1. Historical aspects of Environmental documentaries in India 2. Nature Documentaries, Wildlife Documentaries, Environmental Documentaries 3. Difference between Ecology and Environment / Ecocinema and Environmental Cinema 4. Ecocinema, Land, Organisms and Culture 5. Proposal for a "new" style in documentary making, the T-Documentary style 6. Application of T-Documentary in Video and Film Documentaries

The duration of the workshop is three hours. The workshop will include demonstrations, descriptions and analysis.


A dark room with a projector and a sound system for screening clips from films.

Participants passionate about nature/environmental documentaries can walk-in with a pen and a scribbling pad.

Speaker bio

Dr. Rayson K. Alex is currently Assistant Professor at BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus. He was awarded Ph.D. for his dissertation titled "Symbiosis in the Songs of Mudugar" from University of Madras, Chennai. He is the secretary of Organisation for Studies in Literature and Environment-India (OSLE-India), a pioneering institution in India promoting the academic area of ecocriticism. He served as the member of the editorial team of "Indian Journal of Ecocriticism," the only journal in India for ecocriticism. He is one of the authors of "Essays in Ecocriticism" (2007), the first volume in the area of ecocriticism in India. An avid musician, he has five music albums to his credit. He has directed/co-directed eighteen ethnographic video-documentaries of which the popular ones are "The Story of Mudugar," "Narikuravar" (Life of a gypsy community in Tamil Nadu), "Jenukurubar" (Life of a tribal community in Karnataka), "Learning from Jenukurubar," "Nila Paranjathu" (What the Nila Said - art forms of the communities living in the banks of river Nila in Kerala), "Kalamezhuthupaattu" (Art form of Pulluva community in Kerala), "Chaakkadupaattu" (Death song of Paraya community in Kerala) and "Panthirukulathinte Thozhil" (Occupation of the twelve kulas in the legend of Kerala, "parayi petta panthirukulam"). With the financial assistance of the World Oral Literature Project awarded to Dr. Alex from University of Cambridge, he established an experimental Ethnographic and Research Centre named Mudugar-Kurumbar Research Centre at Attappady, Palakkad District, Kerala, to continuously video document the life of the indigenous communities in the place (


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