The Future of Work: flexibility and value over time and place

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by Firas Durri on Tuesday, March 5, 2013


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Technical level


A compelling overview of the benefits of workplace flexibility to companies and workers. As the nature of work in the new economy exits the requirements of the industrial era, how can companies best help their employees be productive and happy contributors? How can employees and staff best contribute to the company while balancing work responsibilities with their personal life?


We examine the promise of knowledge-based work and technological change to free us from the constraints of a fixed hour workday, handling tasks dictated by middle managers, sandwiched between harrying commutes.

This talk is sure to trigger your imagination as we examine the changes in human society and history that led us to how we live and work today, and anticipate a future that's based on projecting our archetypal socioeconomic patterns into completely changed circumstances.


Everyone is welcome. Some experience in being a member of society or having contributed to a workplace would be beneficial!

Speaker bio

Firas Durri handles technology at Fleximoms, connecting women with flexible work opportunities every day. His personal career has been based on extensive remote working and he is a firm believer in creating value for companies, employees and families by creating the flexible workplace of the future.