Responsible Societies and Consumerism

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by Reshmi Vasudevan on Tuesday, March 5, 2013


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Lightning Talk

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India is traversing a difficult time where the nation is caught in the dichotomy of socio-economic-environmental-political objectives. The stalemate is bearing down on its people. Given the need of the hour, societies can step up to take up a more responsible role. The choices these socities make a large impact, they go a long way. Consumer demand play critical roles. We need new discourses, 'cooler ones' that will attract the youth and make them think, such that their buying power and decisions will drive the change.


Sustainability is an overarching term, much clichéd, used to encompass the socio-economic-environmental discourses that threaten delicate ecological balances. The warming climate exacerbates the situation. The science is right about it, but who will tie bell to the cat? The objective of this short talk is to examine how "responsible societies" are critical necessities if change should happen and how "Consumerism" plays a big role. We will look at India's current state of affair. The talk will take a quick look at what's at stake and what is being done about it. While much has to be done for achieving such responsible realities, there is already plenty of initiatives out there; the momentum is building up. The talk will take stock of such activities and explore opportunities. Examples and possible pathways will be proposed.The talk hopes to inspire and get the young and the old thinking. Change is possible and conviction requires facts, figures and inspiration, which the talk aims to bring to the listeners. The average age of an Indian is 25. The talk will aim to connect the dots of information, data, media, art, innovation, collaboration, global trends, adventure, compassion and spirituality, all that define today's youth and their trend-setters.

Speaker bio

Reshmi has a Masters in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science from the University of Lund, Sweden. She currently works as the programme manager at the Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy, to promote energy efficiency and conservation.

She likes good chai, conversations and company.