DIY kit for better neighbourhood

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by Meera K on Wednesday, March 6, 2013


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BoF Meet

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To understand: What are really key actions items for a better neighbourhood which has good civic amenities, a good environment and vibrant community? What can be done in a city given current constraints?


I have been tracking the changes that have been happening over the last few years in Bangalore, the successes and failures at the neighbourhood level. I have also interacted with a large number of small-time changemakers. The collective effect of these small steps can be channelised into sometime hugely impactful if we can understand how to replicate them in a very planned and subtle manner. So what are the basic items a local team can take up? What is required of a team? Who can they leverage?



Speaker bio

A co-founder of Oorvani Media, an independent newsmedia firm, we publish Citizen Matters, a city focussed newsmedia and India Together, a 14 year old national public affairs newsmagazine. Also an active citizen in the local community (residents association, federation and local ward committee)