Sketching UX

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by Kiran Raj Samarthyam (proposing) on Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Visual Arts + Design

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Technical level

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Most of the times as developer, its hard to convey the UX or UI I have visualized to other person. Sketching your idea helps you convey it rightly.


There are many start ups developed around web and mobile applications with just few developers and designers. When the team is small, everyone needs to contribute in all areas. A developer cannot say, I am at bad drawing hence I cannot contribute to UI or UX design.

Sketching is a process of conveying your ideas/thoughts in rough manner. Just you would need to learn how to draw basic elements like camera, phone, person etc..,. and you will start contributing to the design ideas.

Sketching will help in story boarding, prototyping, UX flows and moreover it helps in enriching your idea. Also with sketches you can help laymen understand what you are trying to do easily.


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