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by Shaona Sen on Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Visual Arts + Design

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Share how my childhood has come full circle. Underlying curiosity as a creative, diverse upbringing, team sports and community engagement have driven my projects and travels, near and far.

Discuss the impact of 'Living in', vs. 'Traveling through', whether a place or a moment.


Often times, I'm asked the question, "Why India?", after an American accent leaks in the start of conversations. Most of the time with, what feels like, seconds to answer a loaded question. This venue provides more sufficient time to share why. A personal Western–Eastern perspective of living in India through the lens of ethnography and recreation that sparks cross-cultural play in informal learning and design thinking.

There's that term ABCD (American Born Confused Desi). As days pass, 'C' takes on more significance as 'cultured', as the cultural context of some of the confusion in growing up quite Indian in the States surfaces.

Speaker bio

Shaona Sen is a Bengali-American designer from Boston, MA. Human interaction, visual language, informal learning, creative problem solving, design for social impact, sport for development and youth play a role in her most memorable memories. She received her BFA in Communication Design from Pratt Institute. After graduation, Shaona joined Reebok, as brand designer in the world headquarters, working with an interdisciplinary team on both lifestyle and performance gear. Shaona moved to Singapore a year ago, with the eventual goal of moving to India. She's been in Bangalore ten months now, having first arrived to the Garden City for a user-centered design research assignment which brought her to visit and study India and China's base of the pyramid markets. Shaona has been experimenting with a recycled art intervention initiative (B'LORECREATE), coaching football and consulting with change makers both local and abroad while getting to know her neighborhood.