Finding your voice

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by Sudhish Kamath on Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Film & Video

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Technical level


An introductory writing and brainstorming workshop for aspiring filmmakers from any discipline/walk of life that proves that everyone is creative, through ideation and extraction exercises that bring out the storyteller in you. How to find your voice as a storyteller/filmmaker.


It's a myth that some people are creative and some are not. Storytelling is a science and by using the right methods, you will be able to extract the story from within and give it your own unique voice. The session involves a few activities that will take you through the stages of ideation, plotting and structure while introducing you to the basics of storytelling/screenwriting because films are first made in your head, then on paper and only later on film/video.


Pen and paper. A lot of paper. Prepare to write, scribble and share your notes.

Speaker bio

18 Years of professional writing experience on films. Film critic with The Hindu. Independent filmmaker (Good Night Good Morning, That Four Letter Word). Have done filmmaking workshops and taught screenwriting in film schools around the state (including being a resource person at IIT Madras's screenwriting workshops)