Crowd Funding : Making the audience pay up front

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by charukesh sekar (proposing) on Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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This is a proposal requesting for someone to speak on this topic. If you’d like to speak, leave a comment.


With Kickstarter projects hitting Oscars and other prestigious film festivals, now is the time to start talking. The session would be beneficial to non-mainstream film productions/projects/makers. This would open up an entire new world of funding for indie filmmakers. A possible path leading to a new wave of Indian Indie Cinema.


In a time of torrents and streams, how does one make the reluctant-in-spending audience pay up front, essentially making them the investors/ producers? How do we initiate and fuel the "unique" projects, which otherwise would never see the light of the day? The session could analyse the mindset behind crowd funding, review successful cases from other parts of the world and discuss possible strategies to crack the code


Read up about crowd funding, Kickstarter. Examine successful campaigns from the past. Observe the trend behind the success and failures. Draw up plans to woo the audience. Think of strategies to crack the hard nut, the Indian's wallet.

Speaker bio

This is a BoF meet. Everyone speaks. Everyone listens. Everyone learns. The session, ideally, should include those (filmmakers) who've considered the option of crowd funding but never knew where to start. I, Charukesh Sekar (Short filmmaker, lyricist) am one such individual who has been bowled over by the power of crowd funding but never really got the dynamics of it. Since, I'm looking to start an indie feature through crowd funding, I believe not only will I be able to contribute to the session, there would be plenty to gain as well.


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    [-] Javeeth Ahmed 6 years ago

    Hi Charukesh,

    Thanks for submitting your proposal. As you rightly pointed out - crowd funding is the new in-thing and at TGP we are planning to give it quite some thought. There is a session regarding this - and Films will be discussed here too with specialist panel members being planned out. Its a joint event between 2 tracks.

    The registrations are open and would love to see you in Goa!

    Cheers, Javeeth

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    [-] Udaiveer Singh Rathore 6 years ago

    Javeeth mate. Crowd Funding IS ILLEGAL IN INDIA N THE USA. YES. NOTE IT. WELL.

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    [-] Udaiveer Singh Rathore 6 years ago

    The moment you mention FUNDING, IT becomes an Investment, n then you have to follow the Investors. Protection act. It's bizarre, it's like taking out an IPO. for a film. What is happening now, as with Indian(American) web sites, that they r doing a OneWay "Money-Donation" as in you "Wish for..." n ppl who want give u some one for that... N DO NOT EXPECT ANY RETURNS. WELL that's the grey zone... Right now... Like, some guy in Dubai likes my "pitch"/film idea, n "LIKE AN ANGLE, GRANTS YOUR WISH..." via money...

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