A collaborative dictionary of travel videos

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by aDeSe on Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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The idea essentially is to build an online dictionary with user created short videos (up to 3 minutes in length) of places to see and visit in and around the globe.


As part of The Goa Project, may be we can build a prototype of The Travel Dictionary with short videos of Goa and places to see here, for fellow travelers to view and help them make a travel decision.

If the prototype is ready during the project, we could try for funding through various sources, build a team and take it to the next level :)

I honestly think, it is easier to make a decision with the help of a video instead of a photograph. Being a photographer myself, i realize a lot of pictures are modified and made to look good. With collab - videos, beautifying might not be an easy task.

Videos with appropriate dialogues would make it easier for a traveler to make a decision. Also these could prove to be a fun pass time for some people.


a regular DSLR / mobile with a 5 mp camera and decent audio recording capabilities.

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Traveler, Foodie, Photographer, recently turned Design-preneur and looking at initiating a bunch of other projects to make life more interesting.. :)