Redefining Jugaad; The Evomo Story

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by abhinav das on Thursday, March 7, 2013


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Technical level


I want to throw the idea of Jugaad as a mindset and discuss if it brings a positive change or maintains a status quo, with Evomo story in the back ground.


Jugaad has become a buzzword nowadays with recent bestseller Jugaad Innovation. I want to discuss the mindset of frugal innovation and its pitfalls,With the story of my startup,Evomo and our learning of the modern rural societies across North India.

Speaker bio

Abhinav Das is an innovator working on ultra low cost vehicles for rural areas to replace illegal, unsafe and polluting transport contraptions like Jugaads. Abhinav has travelled across villages in North India and Gujarat to understand the Jugaad phenomena and mobility requirements of the rural poor. His startup, Evomo which is in short for Evolving Mobility is incubated at NID Ahmedabad where he and his team is working on sustainable solutions for rural areas.A mechanical engineer by education, a diehard motorsports enthusiast, Abhinav has worked at different Research & Development positions in the automotive industry. Whenever faced with crisis he quotes star wars and kung-fu panda to motivate himself and his team.


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    [-] Smriti Prasad 6 years ago

    All the best

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    [-] HIRONMOYEE SAIKIA 6 years ago

    the mindset will change for good... unveiling of the evomo story suerly going to have have a huge impact. best wishes.

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    [-] Nitin Sharma 6 years ago

    All the best dude

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