Drawing the Myths- a visual introspection

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by Abhishek Singh on Thursday, March 7, 2013

Visual Arts + Design

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Technical level


what dwells beneath the fantastic depiction of gods, what creates these meta physical worlds, beyond beautiful drawings and paintings, this session will be a journey into their symbology, philosophies and our need to re imagine these stories.


the session will take you through the personal journey of artist Abhishek Singh, where in the light of various projects, spread between the mediums of painting and graphic novels, he would talk about representing indian myths and legends. a visual investigation into the self, culture and spirituality.


projector screen, mac book pro to projector connector.

Speaker bio

Abhishek Singh is an artist and a graphic novelist whose work stands out as a unique blend of tradition and dynamic modernism. He is the writer and illustrator for KRISHNA- a Journey Within, a graphic novel published by IMAGE Comics, four years in the making, it's a 300 page omnibus, narrating the story of Krishna, the revered God. His past works include Ramayana 3392AD and Kali and Shiva for the India Authentic series for Virgin Comics which were collaborations with Shekhar Kapur and Deepak Chopra. Currently he is working on his next Project called "DHYANA" an Artbook about his paintings, exploring vedic creationism, the feminine divine and the confluence of ancient indian existential philosophies. and is simultaneously developing his next graphic novel project.