Contemporarizing Indian Raga

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by joe fernandes on Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Performing Arts and Music

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Bringing the richness of the Indian Raga alive in today's form of music. Beneficial for musicians exploring new forms of music, and for people to find a modern way to appreciate Indian Classical The movement, creates fusion from Indian Raga, inside-out - preserves the richness of the original sound and musical form, yet represented in modern formats of jazz, rock, pop, funk, rap


  1. Demo of Contemporized Indian Classical pieces
  2. Breaking it down
  3. Interactive session with the audience


Willingness to participate in a musical section: Rhythm, melody, vocals. Everything done using parts of the body so no instruments required

Speaker bio

  1. Learn Western Classical TRinity COllege till Grade 7
  2. Performed as a Western Rock Musician in college and work years
  3. Learnt Indian Classical raga concepts and Jazz concepts playing with Ustad Kadar Khan and his troupe
  4. Will bring a few international musicians with me for the session


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    [-] Vijay Anand 7 years ago

    Interesting Session, for sure.

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    [-] Rashmi Dhanwani 7 years ago

    Joe, very interesting session. Any thoughts on who could be a part of this workshop? What kind of background? Experience?

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    [-] Joseph Fernandes 7 years ago

    The program will be run by key musicians including a tabla Ustad, a Sitar prodigy, a Classical Pianist, and myself. If possible, we will also try and bring in a Jazz Saxophonist, but costs may not allow as he needs to travel from New York. The tabla Ustad - Ustad Kadar Khan, while based in New York, is currently in Ahmedabad and I have sounded him out on the program

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    [-] Rashmi Dhanwani 7 years ago

    This sounds great.

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