Robots, Internet of Things and the Future..

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by Surendranath Reddy on Thursday, March 7, 2013


Session type

Technical level


  • To show the common man on how Technology can solve many real life problems..
  • To give an idea on how the near Future would look like..


Imagine all those robots from sci-fi from movies coming out into the real world........... You don't have to imagine very hard; because you would be living there in the near future..

Many of them would ask straight questions:

  • What exactly are Robots?
  • Why do we even want Robots among us?
  • Can they really be as good as what we see in movies?
  • Where does 'Internet of Things' fit in here?

and more..

Well, this session would give you the answers.. Though it revolves around Tech, the talk would would be in layman terms and not really 'Technical'..


Laptop, Projector and a video camera to project live demos..

Speaker bio

Surendranath Reddy, founder of the Tech startup, 'REDD Robotics' is extremely passionate about Robots. He's a tech freak. He's disappointed with that fact that all the technology created doesn't reach the common man. He wants to change that. Like Bill Gates once wanted to put a computer in every home, Mr. Redd wants to put robots in every place, especially where humans are 'failing'.

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    [-] Bharath Kumar 6 years ago

    Good initiative and the motive behind REDD is really good ... All the best for your future endeavors ...

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    [-] Prasad Krishna 6 years ago

    all the best !!

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    [-] sasikala mahendran 6 years ago

    great rey!!!!! all the best!!! keep rocking!!! :)

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    [-] Ravichandra Kadiyala 6 years ago

    all the very best :-)

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