Performing Arts and Music on the Campaign Trail

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by Rashmi Dhanwani (proposing) on Thursday, March 7, 2013

Performing Arts and Music

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Lightning Talk

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This is a proposal requesting for someone to speak on this topic. If you’d like to speak, leave a comment.


To explore examples in the current context of our politics and the role arts play in cerating conversation around voting, politics and current affairs. A dissident voice? Or a silent partner-in-crime?


Note for Vote and Drama for the Dark Ink. How the arts are being made integral to the political process. You are welcome to suggest dancers, musicians, actors, theatre products dealing with raising issues around the time of elections or talking about majoy contemporary issues/ current affairs through their art.

Speaker bio

Samrat B (Producer / Remix Artist / Electronic Music Propagator / Synthesizer Geek ) Artist Name - Audio Pervert / Teddy Boy Kill Samrat has been involved in the indie music scenario of India for almost 12 years. He is a producer and composer based in New Delhi. As a musician, Samrat has spend the last decade creating music with synthesizers, drum machines and computers, steadily developing a repertoire of producing music and sound for various media - Bollywood (2003-2008), indie bands, progressive electronic music and interactive installations based on digital tools and software. He has worked as a producer and remix artist with Da Saz, Men-Who-Pause, Delhi Sultanate, Tempo Tantrick, Sridhar & Thayil, Shaa’ir & Func, Pentagram, Bombay Black & Delhi Electronica Supply Unit. He is the co-founder of Teddy Boy Kill, an electro punk duo, emerging as an distinct and evocative electronica act from India. He has been actively involved in fostering and collaborating with bands and artists across India within the independent music groups & the rising electronic music culture. Samrat is motivated by a continuous desire to bring renewed interest, research and awareness about progressive music and artists from India, to the rest of the world. Since 2008, he has created various projects with organizations such Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhawan in New Delhi, C.O. Pop festival in Cologne, Elektron Festival in Switzerland, Sodra Tearten in Stockholm and The Global Groove Festival in India. He envisioned and directed India's first anthology of Electronic music, HUB, published in 2010, in association with Goethe Institut & Music Gets Me High. Samrat has actively curated panel discussions with various annual music seminars in India, such as Sound Bound (2010), India Music Week (2011), Ziro Festival (2012) & Indiearth (2012). At present he is collaborating with musicians, sound / graphic artists and writers from different countries in the field of internet broadcasting ( distributive performance ), searching the implications of remote performances - the combination of sound, music, words and images outside of the traditional spaces of performance.