The Latest Crisis - Employability

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by Uttara Sharma on Friday, March 8, 2013


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Technical level


With the current business reality and economic situation, employers are no longer looking at educational qualification alone as the selection criteria any more. The objective of this session is to share some insights on the growing need for aspiring professionals to work on upskilling their skills in the area of employability and know what it takes to be sought after by the corporate world.


Nasscom reports suggest that only 25% engineering graduates and a mere 15% non - engineering graduates deem fit to be employed by organizations - and this isn't because they don't have impressive grades - oh no no... it's that huge obstacle of employability that stops them from being recruited by desirable organizations on campus. And then, we wonder how will India rise to be the amongst the top 3 superpowers in the next 30 years!?

Through this session, I'd like to share my experience and knowledge on what organizations look for while recruiting, what should aspiring professionals do beyond education to be noticed as employable, and what should the education system advocate over and above their current offering.


Flip charts, projector, collar mic (in case of the session attendees being more than 30)

Speaker bio

As a representative of Dale Carnegie Training, Uttara has been actively involved in promoting the employability value by way of designing marketing strategies for the Walchand Dale Carnegie Finishing School. She has also worked with heads of Educational Insititutions in customizing training programs that will help their students become more employable and their faculty more sensitized and in sync with student grooming and cultivation. Moreover, she has delivered student development programs with the objective of preparing them to transition from campus to corporate. In her current assignment, she is involved in working with International partners to bring in global standards in the area of student development through alliances and partnerships.