Forgiveness: Creating more problems then resolutions

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by aarshiya seyth (proposing) on Saturday, March 9, 2013


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To help participants understand, how the currently accepted idea of forgiveness can lead to far more problems in the long run. Is there an alternative which can be more effective?


For a long time I have been told by many spiritual gurus that the key to happiness in a relationship is forgiveness.

In my experience forgiveness meditations and related process would give me temporary relief and a short term feel good factor, but in the long term the same problems crept up again many me feel more frustrated and angry then earlier.

I thought maybe I have not understood the idea of forgiveness correctly, so I discussed it with others who have also been through many similar processes. I realized that their understanding and experience was not too different from mine. In fact in some cases there was also a lot of dependence on meditations, as this became an escape route for many.

So I would like to know why is forgiveness not working for so many people? Also what else can be done?


An open mind and a willingness to live a happier life

Speaker bio

Nitin Shah is the CEO of Institute of Clinical Hypnosis And Related Sciences and a visit therapist at the Institute of Holistic Health Sciences

A trainer, Educator, therapist and life coach, he is a motivational and inspirational speaker who not only helps people become aware of how life is simple but also walks his talk.

In the last Five years, he has conducted more than 100 workshops and training program, inspiring and informing people, helping them to take responsibility for their life, making them aware of the power within them and helping them get access to this power to create a life of their choice.

Trained by National and International Trainers over 2000 hours of Self Development modalities viz. Theta Healing, Advanced Hypnotic Modalities, Past-life Regression & Foreign Energy Dynamics, Spiritual Hypnosis, Integrated Healing, Radical Healing, Holistic Stress Management, ESP etc...