Sacred space - the sandas

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by Pavan kumar on Saturday, March 9, 2013


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Lightning Talk

Technical level


Generate awareness amongst us all about the portal to our hygiene - the toilet.


Address certain glaring questions that is plaguing my mind, others, and the nation about health and sanitation. How do we view our toilet, vs. others toilet... What do we expect from different places and spaces... More often than we know are we neglecting the most basic necessity... Innovatie methods for high density areas... Do we need more research in this domain... Does this posses great potential to make great money...


Only thyself, but come with a perspective to strengthen your weak "gross quotient."

Speaker bio

I am trying to donne a different hat when I am speaking to you about the most sacred space for me, and probably to a lot more people too. I am addressing this topic as a student, a teacher, a researcher, an engineer, an environmentalist, a concerned citizen, an entrepreneur...
I spend substantial amount of time everyday on my toilet seat, with my underpants down, working, playing games on my phone, chatting, reading, writing, ideating, thinking, spacing out... and I love those moments. During the busiest of days its my most peaceful time, and during the most troubling of times when things are at a stand still it is my excitement zone. But when I venture outside my toilet, it is looking at other toilets for such activities, like toilets at work, at a mall, in a restaurant, in an educational institution, in a public transportation, and other spaces, which sometimes does justice to an expectation and sometimes destroys it completely. I have had great and horrific experiences, just like many others who would have similar stories to share. So here I am trying to tell you how important of a space it is, and why we need to invest more man-power and time to give this sacred space the attention it needs.