Youth talks - nothing new but has a great impact

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by Pavan kumar on Saturday, March 9, 2013


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Lightning Talk

Technical level


To generate awareness amongst students, children, kids, young minds and the likes of such people about how the world is or operates or can be, according to the youth of the nation.


This talk is about creating opportunities or platforms for the youth of our nation to actively participate and engage with its next generation. This talk will explore how certain pockets of information and knowledge can be made accessible to all without computers being the interface. Like how TED talks are aimed at achieving greater clarity for several different reasons, this will be like that in a much more localized environment. The youth after experiencing something apart from academia, should come back to academia and present their observations and findings. Share and debate what they experienced with the young ones to ignite their curiosity and fire up their understanding. These kind of talks can have a frequency of a fortnight, and can range from a spectrum of topics, from technical (work related) to cross cultural experiences to adventures to relationships; depending on the age group of the kids. These talks can be screened by the school board, just like the funnel here...

Speaker bio

As a world traveller and an educationist, I see a lot of potential the youth has toward sculpting the young minds for the benefit of our community and society. I am always looking at ways to talk about my experiences with a lot of children that I teach or interact with to see how they perceive it. I have a keen interest in making such initiatives accessible to a lot of schools, and since I am associated with a company that works in the domain of education, it will be relatively easy for me to implement this with a little support. Based on my personal experience, I have spoken to children about why their mom always cooks or goes to the grocery store and not their dads, vs., which phone/laptop in the market is the best. What is the logic behind the cleanliness of different countries that are also well planned vs. ours. How do kids view certain things. How do they judge certain experiences. Why is it necessary to expose them to a wide variety of experiences. I believe that this forum could be the basic support structure I am looking for you launch this idea from.


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    [-] Suman SD 7 years ago

    Ignite the Young Minds... Set a new format of Youth thinking! good going.... !!

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