Menstrupedia- explaining menstruation using illustrations and storytelling

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by Aditi Gupta on Saturday, March 9, 2013


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Technical level


The objective of this session is to highlight the various problems and the long term negative consequences that a girl faces due to lack of proper source of information on menstruation and how the already grim scenario becomes worse due to the tabooed nature of the subject.

Our small but well qualified Menstrupedia team of three people have worked out clear, well defined steps and long term plans to counter these problems. I will present our plans in this presentation while inviting constructive criticism/feedback/suggestions from the audience in a Q&A session after the presentation.


Every girl who undergoes menstruation feels a need for a trustworthy source of information on menstruation and a confidant who can counsel her. Often it’s the parents and more specifically the mother who the girl sees fit to play these roles. Unfortunately in many cases the parents themselves don’t have the required knowledge on the subject and neither do they have access to an external source of knowledge that they can use. This is either because of language barrier or unavailability of required channels (internet, books, and magazines).

The main idea behind Menstrupedia is to provide access to this essential information about menstruation that every girl or a woman must know in order to manage her periods effectively and help parents and educators educate young girls about menstruation. At Menstrupedia we work on presenting this essential information on menstruation in an engaging and simple manner so that young girls find it easy and entertaining to read.

Another purpose of Menstrupedia is to fight the prevailing notion of impurity associated with menstruation as this notion of impurity leads to many myths and practices that are detrimental to a girl’s self esteem, and her status in the society.

Speaker bio

I am Aditi Gupta, one of the co-founders of Menstrupedia. I am a professional user experience designer and a postgraduate in New Media Design from National Institute of Design.

I have experienced and dealt with menstruation related problems in my life and had always felt a need for trustworthy and easily accessible source of information on this subject. At the National Institute of Design I took up a year long project on the subject, as a Ford Foundation research scholar and developed a prototype of comic book to test the medium of comic to explain menstruation to young school girls.

Before starting Menstrupedia I have served for three years in the e-learning and media industry as a user experience designer where I designed educational and training materials for students and professionals.

In my free time, I blog about crafts made from common household waste along with the DIY tutorials. Blog: