Scupture of Hope- John Devaraj

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by Archana Prasad (proposing) on Saturday, March 9, 2013


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a. The sculpture aims to provide self and social healing for all those involved in its construction. b. Hands-on experience for making the sculpture of Hope using sand and earth as building blocks.


A sculpture will be created communally. The raw materials are either sand from the beach or clay which can be fired in a kiln. Each participant will help make a brick which will go into the basic building of the scultpure form. They will also have the opportunity to create an object...a flower, leaf, sun, star moon, symbols and signs of personal expression which will embellish the large form.


The passion and patience to build the sculpture. The participants involvement via heart and soul.

Speaker bio

John Devaraj is a passionate Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Cinema and Stage Art Director, Musician, Film Maker, Photographer, Playwright, Actor, Puppeteer, Facilitator and Consultant for culture, youth and children's organization and events.