Does God kill a kitten every time a woman masturbates ?

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by Andrea Fernandes on Saturday, March 9, 2013


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Sexuality is a very complex issue and has for long been dealt with the convenience of intellectual discourse and the distance of it being a personal issue. It’s time for these issues to be openly and frankly talked about and deconstructed if we are to practice any of the human rights we talk about. My hope is to initiate this debate .



Every society, sexual revolutions notwithstanding, has its own version of regulating its members’ instincts and making them feel guilty or ashamed about their sexuality.

In this body of work, the artist reflects on her experiences, combining cultural taboos that treat women’s sexuality as acts of transgression with a religious heritage that regards the body as innately impure and unworthy.

In spite of the insecurities of their collective psyche, from seeing themselves as perverse to struggling with image issues, these women recognize their sexuality as unique and independent of the presence of a partner.

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Andrea Fernandes is a photographer. She has a long standing interest in issues of representing identity and gender.

Andrea Fernandes is from Bombay. She has been baptised but not confirmed.


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    [-] Sky Williams 7 years ago

    I'm looking forward to the talk. Sexuality is a subject little talked of in India and yet this is a place which gave the world the Kamasutra. What happened? Women have been held is a position of servitude and likewise are conditioned to think of themselves as servants with a master waiting for instruction from men. Women's liberation is still in its infancy but change is the only constant of which we can be sure for better or for worse. With this mind it is always possible that lives can be improved, women can be freed from violence and marriage traps and that women can regain inner power and imagination for a better world. In a small candid photo taken in a fleeting moment this story can be told, an idea sparked and an imagination can be unlocked. :)

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