captivating on captive use of biomass energy

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by Adarsh Bavikatte on Saturday, March 9, 2013


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Technical level


Sharing the experience of localized energy production and the possibility of huge cost savings to businesses by using this technology in captive generation. Exploring biomass, municipal solid waste and plastic waste as opportunities and its role as a income source of larger community.


Will present an update on the state of gasifier technology, the economics of using a gasifer in a number of contexts, the biomass atlas of India. Specifically will detail the experience of installing a gasifier, dealing with the issues and being pleasantly surprised about its possibilities and plans of scaling it up while also diverting to waste to energy projects. Will show how this technology can benefit the local community in terms of positive economic impact.

Speaker bio

Installed a 250KW biomass gasifier power plant running in dual fuel mode as a mechanical engineering student last year and running it successfully for past one and half years with a monthly saving of ten thousand liters of diesel. This unit is installed in Tumkur near bangalore. Now up scaling the gasifier to 2MW and considering plastic to fuel and municipal solid waste to natural gas projects.