The Singer App. A live App performed by a singer in a theatre.

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by Sophia Stepf on Sunday, March 10, 2013

Performing Arts and Music

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The theatre in its mode and aesthetic needs to reflect the world we live in and how our smartphones, windows/OS and and the internet shapes the way we behave as an audience. Traditional theatre adresses the audience as a mass, technology is made for the user as a choice making individual. How can we play with user choices in the theatre? How can we subsitute the touch screen with a live performer and how do we deal with multi user inputs? With the example of a recent performance "C sharp C blunt", in which we created a singer App live on stage, I will share the experience of audience reactions as well as our challenges and solutions.


I will talk you through the creation of Shilpa 202 - the singer App, performed by MD Pallavi in the performance "C sharp C blunt" which will open 15th march at Jagriti Bangalore. I will talk about the the challenges we faced making the App and translating smartphone user logic to a live performer and an audience that is not used to having to speak in the theatre. User inputs are always based on one user, we had to find solutions for either - a completely silent audience, - an audience that shouts numbers, an audience that starts saying random numbers outside the parameters and so on. I will use video footage from the shows at Jagriti (15th to 17th march) to show what happend, which as of today (10th march) I do not now.


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Sophia is a theatre director, writer and dramaturge form Berlin/Germany who has been working extensively in India in the last 12 years, mostly in Bangalore. She has been creating devised theatre performances since 2000 and is generally very interested in audiences and expectations.