The Middle Path to Wellness

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by joe fernandes (proposing) on Wednesday, January 23, 2013


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How can we achieve healthy, happy, lives with few restrictions on our lifestyle and modern world demands


  1. Natural principles that we've lost sight of - stuff that's obvious but defined in a new perspective
  2. Changing face of the world today - the hidden poisons
  3. Establishing a middle path to wellness - secrets to preserve lifestyle yet get balance, happiness and health


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I am a housemaker - practical and skeptical. I've figured these things out based on 14 hands-on years starting with our move to New York in 1999. If nothing else, this is different from the usual marketing stuff that you're being fed - it's straightforward, simple, and effective


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    [-] Vijay Anand 7 years ago

    Joe, Can you give a bit of idea on what this workshop would entail ?

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      [-] Joseph Fernandes 7 years ago

      3 things have been stressed in our world: our environment, our food, and our lifestyle. So, while maintaining lifestyle, how do we stay well for the long term. The Middle Path to Wellness addresses this. The workshop will create a deeper awareness of which of these changes are key to realize (as many remain hidden) and what simple things we can do to create lasting positive wellness

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