Little Screens Eat Big Screens

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by Twish Mukherjee (proposing) on Sunday, March 10, 2013

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To shed light on micro-budget cinema, which we popularly call zero-budget cinema: its myths and realities, its challenges and opportunities and a whole new way of distributing truly independent cinema.


Anamitra Roy, the founder member of Little Fish Eat Big Fish, a filmmakers' forum based in Kolkata had been curating short films since 2008, and releasing compilations on DVD every year in January. He will describe how the whole enterprise turned out to be profitable within a few years, with the help of the internet, book fairs, local bookstores etc.


A clean slate for a mind.

Speaker bio

Anamitra Roy, along with his wife Sriparna Dey are the most radical no-budget filmmakers that Bengal know today. They started making films in 2008 and co-founded the forum which release DVD compilations of short films from all around the city. This year will see the 4th Season of the exercise. They are currently making a crowd-funded film called Diamonds in the Sky; the campaign was popularly known as The One Rupee Film Project as they began by asking people to contribute as less as 1 INR only.