Navigating the unknown sense: Creating Your Unique Fragrance Canvas

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by Ally Matthan on Sunday, March 10, 2013


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Technical level


Our sense of smell is the most evolved of our senses and yet it is the least understood, and least exploited . Expect to understand and dabble at creating and using your "signature smell" to convey the best impression of yourself at work, with new people or even when falling in love.


We are all in some way touched by fragrance in our everyday lives . I'll pick a few ingredients, show you how they have evolved, traveled and changed -- through time, technology and our perceptions -- and then let you dabble with them to create a window to your unique scent that will convey the best impression of you !

Speaker bio

Ally Matthan has led a life obsessed with fragrance , it's creation and more recently its applications and implications. This led to the creation of a unique brand of fragrance and fragrance-based products for skin, hair, bath and personal care. Ally has a Masters in the Science and Technology of Perfumery from one of the profession's best schools - ISIPCA, Versailles , France , and who grew up in a family that breathed, worked and lived with fragrance. Surrounded by perfume and its applications, Ally started dabbling in perfumes at the age of four. Through her teens and even today, she is an avid collector of perfume bottles and eventually dreams of a museum dedicated to fragrance. It was a natural progression for her, then, to evolve her own special interpretation of the world of scents and smells. Ally senses the quality of a fragrance and harnesses its ability, often in startling, intriguing combinations with other fragrances, to capture the wearer's dreams. Her hands-on, creative approach, and her quirky, imaginative personality have led to some very exciting, inventive products that embody Indianess in a modern way.