Tomorrow belongs to the collaborators: The catalyst for a creative renaissance

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by KU Warrier on Sunday, March 10, 2013


Session type
Lightning Talk

Technical level


To share, discuss and question the key factors on why collaboration and co-creation is the way ahead and the impacts of developing such eco-systems.


We are passing through very interesting times. Society is becoming more dynamic than ever. And then, struggling to make a difference are the creators. Traditional educational systems and society create individuals who specialize in particular narrow domains. What if they want to create products, services and processes that require multi-disciplinary involvement? What about extending technology beyond the usual and implementing them to help communities around us? The session aims to address a broad view of these issues.


An interest to share and discuss.

Speaker bio

A man in love with ideas & creations. A young and passionate observer of society, trends and entrepreneurship. The best reason though is opening up to listen to a new view :)