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by Mihir Joshi on Sunday, March 10, 2013

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To share my thoughts on the change in the music scene as seen from the perspective of someone who has been a radio jockey and a singer.

I also want to share the importance of radio in the current music scene and how it can really help out independent musicians in the years to come!


I've been a radio jockey and a musician myself for about 9 years now. Since the very start of my career in radio I knew that I wanted to support independent musicians and bands on radio. I knew that if a scene had to grow, it could only happen in mainstream radio started supporting bands and singers. Since no one was doing that back then (2004), I thought I'd start it myself.

When I started out...there were quite a few bands...but nowhere near the number we see these days. Recording wasn't always easy for the new bands and quality of the work done was seldom exceptional. When I suggested the concept to FM Rainbow back in 2004, there was a lot of pessimism about it. They didn't know if it would work...and they gave me no real support on how to go about getting the bands and the music. It was difficult but I went about finding the bands, their contacts, spoke with them from home, got them to send me their music and that's how it all began. With One Mumbai One Music, my show on Radio One, things got a lot easier. Bands approached me and the station also really supported the show. I think more shows like that are the need of the day.

So yes, over the years I've seen that change but we're still a long way from where we need to be. That being said, I can't stress how important it is for a band to get their music on come and talk to radio stations and just reach audiences they never knew they could have through radio. I've proved that to many bands...and I've also proved it to my listeners who were never into Indian bands and music...that we've got some absolutely incredible music out there.

Now with technology being what it is...bands are making even better sounding music. Radio stations just need to figure out how to get out of their regular patterns and support the scene.

What I'd like to talk about a radio jockey, the changes I've seen and maybe give some advice to young bands and musicians on how to get themselves out to radio stations and get their music out to the world.


A computer, speakers, a screen and projector.

Speaker bio

Mihir Joshi is a Mumbai-based performer. He has been a singer, a radio jockey, an anchor & an actor.

He has two active bands right now...the Mihir Joshi Band - a blues rock band that's playing his originals and a few covers and the Bombay Rock Project - a band that plays old Bollywood songs in a modern rock-jazz-blues style.

You can soon see him anchoring Maruti Suzuki: Colors Of Youth on MTV. He is also currently singing with various other composers and is hoping to make a move into singing for Bollywood.

He has been a radio jockey in Mumbai for over 8 years now and most recently he anchored a special show on 94.3 Radio One on which he talked to singers and bands from all over. It was one of the only shows promoting independent musicians and bands. The show was called One Mumbai One Music!

He's continuing his passion for sharing music in the format of an online music show on his blog:

You can also follow him on twitter. The twitter handle is @musicmanmihir and the link is


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    [-] Ajay Prabhakar 7 years ago

    Comments from Vishal and Subhir on the show: and

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    [-] Mihir Joshi 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago)

    List of artists who were on with me on One Mumbai One Music on 94.3 Radio One

    2010 August - 4-5pm Show #1. 1st Aug 2010 - Akriti Kakar and Roop Kumar & Sunali Rathod Show #2. 8th Aug 2010 - Parikrama and Vikas Bhalla Show #3. 15th Aug 2010 - Kaushal Inamdar and Dhwani Show #4. 22nd Aug 2010 - Shibani Kashyap and Soul Fusion Show #5. 29th Aug 2010 - Sampler Sunday! - Raghu Dixit, Ankur Tewar, Purbayan, Tough On Tobacco, Kavita Seth, Sanjeev Kohli, Nakash Sargam, Abhas Joshi, Manasi Scott and Raghav Sachar Starting from September OMOM became a two hour show. The first how features interviews with artists and the second hour has 13 back to back songs by independent artists and bands!

    Septemper - 3-5pm Show #6. 5th Sep 2010 3-4pm - Raghav Sachar and Arindam 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #7. 12th Sep 2010 3-4pm - Vidyadhar Bhave and Chin2 Bhosle
    4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #8. 19th Sep 2010 3-4pm - Sherrin Varghese and Sidharth-Suhas 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #9. 26th Sep 2010 3-4pm - Pralay and Manasi Scott 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour

    October - 3-5pm Show #10. 3rd Oct 2010 3-4pm - Echoes and Uday Benegal (Listen to part 1 of the chat!) and (Listen to the part 2 of chat!) 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #11. 10th Oct 2010 3-4pm - Kavita Seth and Rajeev Chamba 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #12. 17th Oct 2010 3-4pm - Raman Mahadevan and Die OberBayern 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #13. 24th Oct 2010 3-4pm - Neha Bhasin 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #14. 31st Oct 2010 3-4pm - Mynta and Raghav
    4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour

    November - 3-5pm Show #15. 7th Nov 2010 3-4pm - Ankur Tewari and Split
    4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #16. 14th Nov 2010 3-4pm - Zedde and Para Vayu 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #17. 21st Nov 2010 3-4pm - Pradakshinam and Uvie 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #18. 28th Nov 2010 3-4pm - Talaash and Omkar 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour

    December - 3-5pm Show #19. 5th Dec 2010 3-4pm - Tamir Khan and Shashank Singh 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #20. 12th Dec 2010 3-4pm - Imperfekt and Feritta 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #21. 19t4 Dec 2010 3-4pm - Jaswinder Singh 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #22. 26th Dec 2010 3-5pm - All Star Show - Best of OMOM for 2010!

    2011 January - 3-5pm Show #23. 2nd Jan 2011 3-4pm - Suraj Jagan 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #24. 9th Jan 2011 3-4pm - Surindra Singh 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #25. 16th Jan 2011 3-4pm - Sona Mohapatra (Listen to part 1 of the chat!) and (Listen to the part 2 of chat!) < 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #26. 23rd Jan 2011 3-4pm - Varsha and Shriram Iyer 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #27. 30th Jan 2011 3-4pm - Varsha & Shankar Mahadevan and Dischordian 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour

    February - 3-5pm Show #28. 6th Feb 2011 3-4pm - SQS Supastars 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #29. 13th Feb 2011 3-4pm - Gary Lawyer and Shibani Kashyap and Abhaey Singh 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #30. 20th Feb 2011 3-4pm - Cassini's Division and Suresh Mendoza 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #31. 27th Feb 2011 3-4pm - Ali Zafar (Listen to part 1 of the chat!) and (Listen to the part 2 of chat!) 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour

    March - 3-5pm Show #32. 6th Mar 2011 3-4pm - Kuhoo Gupta and Kishan Amin 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour Show #33. 13th Mar 2011 3-4pm - Sanjay Maroo 4-5pm - The OMOM Music Hour

    March - 10-11pm Show #34. 20th Mar 2011 10-11pm - Ishq Bector and Anusha Mani Show #35. 27th Mar 2011 10-11pm - Short chat links with Sangeet Haldipur, DJ Suketu, Sanjay Maroo and Randolph (Pentagram)

    April - 10-11pm Show #36. 3rd Apr 2011 10-11pm - The Shillong Chamber Choir Show #37. 10th Apr 2011 10-11pm - Somesh Mathur Show #38. 17th Apr 2011 10-11pm - Vishal Dadlani (Pentagram) (Listen to part 1 of the chat!) and (Listen to the part 2 of chat!) Show #39. 24th Apr 2011 10-11pm - Bombay Rockers

    May - 10-11pm Show #40. 1st May 2011 10-11pm - Vasuda Sharma (Aasma) Show #41. 8th May 2011 10-11pm - Shilpa Rao & Neelesh Misra (Band called Nine) Show #42. 15th May 2011 10-11pm - Sidd Couto (Zero, Helga's Fun Castle, Tough On Tobacco and a whole bunch of other bands) Show #43. 22nd May 2011 10-11pm - Hamza Faruqui Show #44. 29th May 2011 10-11pm - Anand Bhate and Kaushal Inamdar (Listen to part 1 of the chat!) and (Listen to the part 2 of chat!)

    June - 10-11pm Show #45. 5th Jun 2011 10-11pm - The OMOM Rock Music special featuring Them Clones and other rock bands Show #46. 12th Jun 2011 10-11pm - Hipnotribe Show #47. 19th Jun 2011 10-11pm - Nandu Bhende Show #48. 26th Jun 2011 10-11pm - Sangeet & Siddharth Haldipur

    July - 10-11pm Show #49. 3rd Jul 2011 10-11pm - Part 1 of the 2 part 50th Show Retrospective Special! Show #50. 10th Jul 2011 10-11pm - Part 2 of the 2 part 50th Show Retrospective Special! Listen to feedback about One Mumbai One Music from: Uday Benegal (Indus Creed) | Subir Malik (Parkrama)| Vishal Dadlani (Pentagram) | Ravi Iyer (Paravayu) | Sidharth Sharma (of Sidharth-Suhas music director duo) | Raghav Sachar | Kaushal Inamdar | Kavita Seth | Vikas Bhalla | Shibani Kashyap | Ankur Tewari | Akriti Kakar | Varsha Show #51. 17th Jul 2011 10-11pm - JoSH Show #52. 24th Jul 2011 10-11pm - 1 Year Anniversary Show Listen to the links: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 | Link 4 | Link 5 | Link 6 | Link 7 | Link 8 Show #53. 31st Jul 2011 10-11pm - Fuzon

    August - 10-11pm Show #54. 7th Aug 2011 10-11pm - Ashwin And The Bombay Project Show #55. 14th Aug 2011 10-11pm - Arya Acharya Show #56. 21st Aug 2011 10-11pm - The Pulp Society Show #57. 28th Aug 2011 10-11pm - Goldkartz

    September - 10-11pm Show #58. 4th Sep 2011 10-11pm - The Midival Punditz Show #59. 11th Sep 2011 10-11pm - The Makk Quartet Show #60. 18th Sep 2011 10-11pm - Shantanu Sudame Show #61. 25th Sep 2011 10-11pm - Kshitij Tarey

    October - 10-11pm Show #62. 2nd Oct 2011 10-11pm - Shruti Pathak Show #63. 9th Oct 2011 10-11pm - Suraj Jagan Show #64. 16th Oct 2011 10-11pm - Jagjit Singh Tribute Show Show #65. 23rd Oct 2011 10-11pm - Dhruv Dhalla Show #66. 30th Oct 2011 10-11pm - New Singles Night

    November - 10-11pm Show #67. 6th Nov 2011 10-11pm - Tochi Raina Show #68. 13th Nov 2011 10-11pm - Blakc Show #69. 20th Nov 2011 10-11pm - Jagjit Singh Tribute with Tauseef Akhtar and Ghanshyam Vaswani Show #69. 27th Nov 2011 10-11pm - Ladies Special - Best of female pop artists on OMOM

    December - 10-11pm Show #70. 4th Dec 2011 10-11pm - Devashish Sargam Show #71. 11th Dec 2011 10-11pm - The Colour Compound Show #72. 18th Dec 2011 10-11pm - Sanjeev Abhyankar Show #73. 25th Dec 2011 10-11pm - Best of OMOM - 2011

    2011 January - 10-11pm Show #74. 1st Jan 2012 10-11pm – Vin Sinners Show #75. 8th Jan 2012 10-11pm - Saregama’s Icons Nxt artists – Samar Sanam, Phoenyx & Nasha Show #76. 15th Jan 2012 10-11pm - Saregama’s Icons Nxt artists – Paapi 4 Show #77. 22nd Jan 2012 10-11pm – Sushmit Sen, Papon and Gourov Dasgupta & Mihir Joshi

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