'Creating a rock scene where there is none'

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by Sameer Rahat on Monday, March 11, 2013

Performing Arts and Music

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A very interesting insight in to creating a rock music scene in a place where it never existed and how its drastically evolving now.


What comes to your mind when you think of rock bands from our country? Bangaluru, Mumbai, Shillong, Kolkata or Delhi maybe. But what if you're told that there exists a huge rock scene now in Central India with bands forming and coming out to bigger cities to perform from small districts like Vidisha which is few hours away from Bhopal. You would usually underrate the whole scene and the music too. But this little interactive session will change the vague picture in your mind. There are states like Gujarat, U.P., J & K, Rajasthan to name a few, which has immense talent but hardly any support or way of action to emerge as national acts.

This session will be an insight in to the story of a band and it's 7 year long, little history, never been shared incidents about forming a rock band in a place where these was no rock music scene at all and then about a lot of people getting inspired and doing the same.


A lot of faith in the power of music.

Speaker bio

Sameer Rahat is primarily a Music Producer/Lyricist and Composer who completed its education in Film making and also the one formed Joshish, which happens to be the central character of this session.