Sanskrit : For the New Generation?

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by Vijay Anand (proposing) on Wednesday, January 23, 2013


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This is a proposal requesting for someone to speak on this topic. If you’d like to speak, leave a comment.


Sanskrit is an old language, and some say its one of the oldest logical languages out there - and needless to say the root of most of our regional languages. Very few of the new generation know of it, or have an interest of it. But understand some of our root also has a connotation to knowing of it, about it, and it in its form (just as the key to arab culture is in arabic). A quick dive into Sanskrit and getting a beginner on where to start?


The Session is designed as an interactive lecture, on the beginnings and on understanding our origins, and in sanskrit as a language. There are a lot of folks who have an interest in it, but dont know where to begin. Perhaps someone who self-taught sanskrit would be perfect for doing this session.


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Up for Nomination. let me know if you'd be interested.