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by Amrutash Misra on Wednesday, January 23, 2013


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Technical level


Value Proposition. Benefits. Pros and Cons. USP. Pitch. Your customers don't want to hear all this.

What they want to hear is a good story. What they want is to be part of a great story.

Through this workshop, you will learn, with example, a few simple ideas to make your pitch sound like a really good story.


  1. What makes a good story? What do good stories have in common?
  2. What tricks do great storytellers use? Where can I find out more about these?
  3. A template that Ad-makers use -- with a few examples.
  4. How to convert all of this knowledge into a good ppt.
  5. How to collaborate with designers / other partners on this?


Pen and paper!

Speaker bio

To start with, I love stories.

But more specifically, my journey into the world of stories started in college when I attended a workshop on creativity conducted by KnowInnovation, a leading creativity consultancy firm based out of UK. What I learnt is that there are people who study the arts and try to find patterns. Much like in science.

In Unilever, I saw a few templates in action. These templates made great ads -- ads that felt really creative, but were actually scripted based on a formula.

Later, I started studying the work of Joseph Cambell and Cristopher Booker -- these guys studied stories and tried to recognize the patterns. As I learnt, I started applying these to my startups -- to a good measure of success. Each of our presentations, internal and external are story-fied.

I've personally told stories to children (in schools) for over 1000 hours in the last 3 years. And my team together has told over 10000 hours of stories.


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    [-] Lakshmi Rebecca 7 years ago

    I think when it comes to a story, this applies to pitching to investors too. We could make this session a Lighting Talk session and have a bunch of people, starting with you, offering insights to people. Alternatively, this can be a panel. A person I'd right away suggest is Jimmy Yeoh of Iloho who's based in Bangalore now. He's a serial entrepreneur and his current start up is a travel social site.

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      [-] Amrutash Misra 7 years ago

      We've been doing a 2-day workshop called 'Basics of Stories' for the last 2 years or so for school teachers (who have the incredibly thankless job of telling stories to the most judgemental kind of audience -- children). I am going to condense into 1 hour. We once video-conferenced it over a few Cognizant campuses for an hour and a half. That was perfect I think. But I can manage to cut down another half an hour since -- will skip the introductions, summaries, etc. Anything less than an hour -- I wouldn't really want to be a part of as I wont be able to deliver any value to the people sitting in.

      I don't want to do a panel or a series of talks. Sorry, but this is a well-rehearsed workshop we've been doing for a long time now. I've mentioned the 5 topics in the description -- each is about 10-15 mins long.

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    [-] Lakshmi Rebecca 7 years ago

    Ok. Thanks Amrutash!

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    [-] Shan Gehlot 6 years ago

    Looking forward

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