Back-packing in India - A practical guide

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by Anannya Deb on Wednesday, January 23, 2013


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Traveling in India is not just about visiting the Taj Mahal and Red Fort and all the temples. It is also about experiencing the diverse cultures and understanding the spectrum of worldviews that exist in the country. Traveling in India transformed everyone including MK Gandhi. We may not be like him but there is no harm trying.

Back-packing is a practical, safe, comfortable and affordable way of experiencing India. Through this lecture, I hope to share my experiences and learnings on the same and also receive some new insights from others.


Most people balk at back-packing in India - the usual images are of standing on the side of the road waiting for transport, eating at dirty roadside food stalls, staying in dingy huts for the night, etc. It is not so. Back-packing in India for Indians can be extremely comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

I will share my experiences of my various trips in India with practical advice. I shall specifically touch upon places in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and of course Goa.

A special section will be devoted to those who are history and culture buffs.

Speaker bio

Based in Mumbai, I work in a management research lab working in the areas of human sciences and design of human development systems.

Earlier, traveling was an activity that happened during school and college vacations. But later, as I entered the work life, travel became part of life. One can treat it as an inconvenience. I saw it as an opportunity to expand my mind.

Traveling is one of my main sources of learning.

More details about me are at my blog


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    [-] Anannya Deb 7 years ago

    Those who are interested can post some questions and I will try and get answers to them and put them as part of the talk.

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    [-] Burun Estetiği 7 years ago

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