Tapping the cognitive surplus of a country to define and drive the vision of a country

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by Sumeet Anand on Wednesday, January 23, 2013


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To discuss, debate, ideate on the possibilities and ways to get the cognitive surplus (A word coined by former Silicon Alley Reporter columnist Clay Shirky to describe the free time that people have on their hands to engage in collaborative activities, and common good) of a country to define and drive the vision of a country. the discussion will lead to identification of new opportunities for creating one or many social enterprises that will lead to better governance of a country and application of its resources.


This session I wish to meet and discuss the topic among interested people to identify possibilities and potential to form a group of people to come together and put it into action possibly as a social enterprise. The solution may possibly combine digital activism, business best practices, technology, volunteerism, governance and social good. I have certain ideas that I will share and will refine and build upon them during the session.


You need to be: - passionate for social good - a patriot - frustrated and fed up of many things how they work in our country/world today - eager to volunteer and selflessly give your free time to put for a noble cause - wanting to think about society from scratch and do your bit to bring a change - above all ideas and not just opinions on how to bring the required change

Speaker bio

I am founder and CEO of a technology startup in the space of collective intelligence.
Work as a volunteer for Nasscom Product Conclave, Nasscom IP4Biz(founding member) and The Goa Project (core team member) Have been a part of Meta Activism Project(MAP), occasionally writes for various blogs including movements.org, have worked with IAC and Bharat Swabhiman movements in the past and some other related projects of like minded people.


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    [-] Sumeet Anand 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago)

    It is not a gyan topic, I have an idea/project/solution which I wish to share the base Idea and seek co creators to bring it to reality. An idea with which we the people can create the largest social enterprise to dictate how and where we wish our country to go and create an activism & management platform funded and powered by people.

    The most relevant monocoles are : Freedom, Information, Expression, Progress, Cyberspace.

    We can stop being cynical and crib about why things not work in our country and take responsibility to change what we dont like...not in silos but as a synergistic whole. We can come forward and say "I am for it...lets do it" The core idea is about measuring and managing a country's vision as a collective...we define, we track and we execute.. Imagine a combination of Web + TV + Mobile as a platform where each one of us is a stakeholder...we pitch with our micro Karma and micro donations to power it...we together define what all improvements we want in various areas to really progress as a society or country...and then we break it down to lowest level tasks...and then people pick up responsibility of actions in their expertise area and deliver...the snowball effect and collective effect can possibly transform our country with a few years...what we didnt achieve in 60 years can be done in 10....or may be 5...with almost no help from Govt.

    Out of 120cr if 1% get together to synergize = 1.2 cr and they contribute Rs5 (by sending an SMS) each and pledge 1 day per month for their country...We will have a Social enterprise with 6 cr seed capital with 600K people workforce and ~ 0 salary cost...All aligned to serve the country...Impact need not be explained! Then the idea will ensure they all synergize and work towards a Vision (In business we have a practice called Performance Mgmt, we will follow similar principals)

    In Short: People using Cyberspace/tech take the TRUE Progress of their country as a collective responsibility , use Information and Expression to exercise their right to TRUE Freedom

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