India needs a Free State Project and Goa is the best place

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by Saurabh Chandra (proposing) on Thursday, January 24, 2013


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This is a proposal requesting for someone to speak on this topic. If you’d like to speak, leave a comment.


Creative, thinking, doing, entrepreneurial folks need an environment which fosters them. This is a practical plan to creating a beacon of freedom in India.


India is seeing an erosion of libertarian values, whether it is Sec66A or curbs on lit festivals or restrictions on women. The govt wants to plan schemes to promote big businesses but not making life easy for startups and new entrepreneurs. What we need is championing of libertarian values to foster the right environment for ideas, individuals and organizations.

We can make Goa the target for India's version of the It is a small state with just 14 Lakh people and 1 Lakh people with libertarian values shifting to Goa will tilt the policies towards progressive ideas. It is already a relatively prosperous state, with high education standards and a great place for new folks to move in. In India liberty may not follow the same standards as US, but even moving the needle in the right direction will make an impact.

Best of all Goa is frequented people from all over India and the world. Making it an example to emulate will create a multiplier effect that even New Hampshire can't achieve.

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I hope we can attract a speaker from the liberty institute or


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    [-] Saurabh Chandra 7 years ago

    Good to see some votes for this event. Thanks. It is a short 5min talk and in case a seasoned speaker doesn't appear on the horizon, the amateur me can fill in to speak on this.

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    [-] Sameer Panje 7 years ago

    Saurabh : I'm not sure whether 5 minutes would be enough to get the concept across. The bottleneck is that mainstream thought in India is either full of misconceptions about market freedom or is eminently wary of it. Can this bridge between perception & reality be addressed sufficiently within the format? Very good idea though. :)

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    [-] Saurabh Chandra 7 years ago

    Thanks Sameer. The purpose of this lightning talk is not to debate or clarify libertarian thought but just to introduce this concept. The people who move to Goa can build their own consensus on what freedom means to them :-)

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    [-] prakash prabhakar 7 years ago

    Hello All - thank you for inviting into the discussion. Sounds like a plan.

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