The Rise Of Live Looping

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by Nilesh Trivedi on Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Performing Arts and Music

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Technical level


Discover the art of live looping and how it can enable music making for novices and open up a medium of expression for experts.


There is a revolution happening in music performance right now. Loop-based music making has taken the world by storm in recent years. Musicians of all genres now have tools to easily create and manipulate loops while performing, thus removing a significant barrier to experimentation. Not surprisingly, they have taken it up with eager enthusiasm.

I intend to talk about live looping and its tools, demonstrate it with a couple of examples and invite the participation of the audience in the hope of firing up their imagination. My goal is to convincingly demonstrate to you by the end of the talk that EVERYONE can make music EASILY, even without putting years into learning an instrument. All one needs is a sense of playfulness.

Expert musicians (which I am certainly not) too should explore looping, if they haven't already. It's just a tool but it can open up a whole new world of creation and experimentation for you. If you're one, please raise your hand. I can definitely use some help. :)


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I am @nileshtrivedi on Twitter.

I have been dabbling with many instruments for many years now. By no means I'm an expert musician, but I have found a wonderful medium of expression in live looping. All I have is genuine enthusiasm for this art. I hope I'm able to pass off some of that to you. :)

Guitar is my primary instrument but I also play bass, piano, mouth organ, flute and some folk instruments from Rajasthan like Bhapang and Morchang.