Entrepreneurship lessons from movies

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by Pritam Roy on Friday, January 25, 2013

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Take attendees through a journey of discovering lessons from movies


There are lessons in life and entrepreneurship from movies we watch. It's for us to dive a little deep and absorb the learning from a movie. We can look for inspiration at all places. And, what better way to inspire and motivate people than sharing hidden lessons in movies, we all love to watch.


  1. An open mind P.S. Love for movies is optional! :)

Speaker bio

Pritam Roy is Founder & CEO of Gomolo.com. Gomolo is the IMDb for Indian movies. Pritam is a passionate movie lover. He likes watching all kinds of movies: the good ones, the average ones and bad ones. He likes discovering trivia and especially bloopers in movies. He is an ardent believer in movies as a powerful tool to influence people. Pritam also believes, there are some lessons in life and business that can be learnt from all kinds of movies.