The Shape of an Opportunity

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by Lakshmi Rebecca (proposing) on Sunday, January 27, 2013


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You start off working on one idea, but you often find other opportunities opening up and the business taking another direction altogether. So, what's the shape of these other opportunities and why should you be open to them?


Let's talk about why where it begins and where it's supposed to go to is not as important as how it is going right now. Let's open our minds to possibilities and opportunities that change brings. Let's identify a few things that help us understand why some opportunities are shaped better than others.


We all know what change is like, right?

Speaker bio

I'd like to bring in Chetan Maini of Reva and Sunita Maheshwari of Teleradiology Solutions to talk about the strange way in which new opportunities have knocked on their doors. Sunita and her husband went from being a pediatric cardiologist and radiologist couple to USA's number one teleradiology business that is increasingly using technology to provide healthcare to remote India. And Chetan is just transitioning from the business of electric cars to include green factories across the world.