Preventive health - How to take back control of our own bodies from the health industry..

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by Ravi Mantha on Sunday, February 3, 2013


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Technical level


While doctors are well-meaning and honest do-gooders for the most part, there is a direct conflict of interest between preventive medicine and disease management/treatment. Here I propose to explore how each one of us can take control of our own bodies through simple rules of thumb.


We will look at historical development of preventive medicine and how technology has continually improved our knowledge of health. At the same time, the healthcare industry focused on complex and expensive treatments at the expense of simple holistic prevention programs. I will show how medicine is two decades behind the latest scientific advances in health, and how we can use the latest knowledge to better equip our own bodies.


Curiosity about health.

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I am author of the book "All about Bacteria", published by HarperCollins last week, which is an in-depth look at the positive role of bacteria in our bodies and our health. I write a health blog at where I bust common myths and offer science based advice on health.